Excuse the dust

This is where I keep my project related gubbins, it may be messy!

3D Printing

After many years I've finally given into temptation and purchased a 3D Printer. Not going to lie, it was pretty satisfying putting the kit together, if a little fiddly. Here's some of the stuff I've designed.
USB & SD Card Organizer
After hoarding Flash Drives and SD cards in a Scrooge McDuck-esque pile for the longest time, I decided to do something about it.

This lead to many prototypes, failed prints and a lot of lamenting about how the "move" function works in Fusion360

Dev Projects

This is where all my random ideas go
Why yes, I did buy a domain with the express purpose of making a joke.
Meeting Calculator
Figure out how much time you've spent in dumb meetings... and how much money was wasted.
How do I Cloud?
A mostly un-serious guide to the Cloud.
A partially neglected digital garden of all my knowledge
My first published Powershell module, GetDirectory extends the functionality of dir to provide directory sizes alongside file sizes. Depending on the size/content of your folder, it may take a couple of seconds, but is quicker than the Right Click > Properties Pane.

GetDirectory is available in the PowerShell Gallery or on my GitHub.
moment / natural
A minimalistic digital clock.
A variant of moment, telling the time using natural language.