Excuse the dust

This is where I keep my project related gubbins, it may be messy!

3D Printing

After many years I've finally given into temptation and purchased a 3D Printer. Not going to lie, it was pretty satisfying putting the kit together, if a little fiddly. Here's some of the stuff I've designed.
USB & SD Card Organizer
After hoarding Flash Drives and SD cards in a Scrooge McDuck-esque pile for the longest time, I decided to do something about it.

This lead to many prototypes, failed prints and a lot of lamenting about how the "move" function works in Fusion360

Dev Projects

This is where all my random ideas go
Meeting Calculator
Figure out how much time you've spent in dumb meetings... and how much money was wasted.
How do I Cloud?
A mostly un-serious guide to the Cloud.
My first published Powershell module, GetDirectory extends the functionality of dir to provide directory sizes alongside file sizes. Depending on the size/content of your folder, it may take a couple of seconds, but is quicker than the Right Click > Properties Pane.

GetDirectory is available in the PowerShell Gallery or on my GitHub.
moment / natural
A minimalistic digital clock.
A variant of moment, telling the time using natural language.