What I'm up to now

Birmingham, United Kingdom


As of October 02022, I'm doing cloudy things (technical term) in the Engineering division over at Advanced.


In the post/pre/ever-present pandemic world, I've been making a special effort to focus on things that matter to me, and building little projects. I sometimes put links to them here.


In an effort to "live my best life", I'm renewing my effort to track everything about my health with Gyroscope.
I recently got back into running, and 02022 was the year I completed my first 5K race (and came fifth!).
02023 marks my 2nd & 3rd 5K races, this time in Florida, dying of heat and humidity, but still managing to run along Flagler airport runway, and alongside the Caloosahatchee respectively.


02021 is the year I got better at cooking, and have bought that with me into 02022 & 02033. 02021 is the year that got me into homelabbing, and I currently have a small plethora of devices running in a rack in the corner.

I'm also maintaining a day Duolingo streak - split across French & German.
☕ ️


I'm also working on becoming a better human.
This content was last updated: 18th May 02022